We had the pleasure to collaborate with Patrick Henchman and Susan Walton to create this short film about different young people in care sharing their personal experiences with social workers, and stressing on the importance of expressing their opinions and being heard. The video is currently being used in an educational context – as part of the Social Care course in University of the West of England in Bristol – in an attempt to make future social worker students aware of the importance of listening to young people’s opinions and enhance their relationship.


Design & Animation: Hend Esmat & Lamiaa Diab

Creative Direction & Audio: Patrick Henchman

Production: Susan Walton

“Hend & Lamiaa helped massively by proposing and organising the project’s schedule, communicating clearly throughout to ensure that we delivered on time. Due to the nature of the subject matter, the project required a great deal of sensitivity – Hend & Lamiaa handled this brilliantly, making relatable characters that conveyed the emotions of the young people without straying into the cliché. The client was over the moon with the end result and the young people involved in the project loved it too!”
Patrick Henchman, A Thousand Words Co-Founder

Below are early sketches for the visual style, color palette and storyboard. We were keen to add a water color texture/pen stroke to emphasize the human and personal aspect of the video. And we used Boords for the storyboard, a very efficient tool for collaborative storyboarding developed by Animade.

Excerpts from animatic and final Animation. Design was done in Photoshop and animation on After Effects, using duik for character animation.

“Trello” is the tool we usually go for when we want to schedule and break down the process. We divide the shots into cards, that we move across each column to easily keep track of the whole progress.