This is one of 8 videos in the Baby Loss Series, created  for the Still Birth Stories with the support of Tommy’s CharityThe videos use excerpts from audio recordings of parents talking about their experience with losing their baby. The series aims to break the silence and raise awareness on different aspects of baby loss, and provide support for those who need it.


Direction, Design and Animation: Hend Esmat and Lamiaa Diab

Frame by Frame (TV Paint Animation): Patrycja Szypula

The idea is to show glimpses of what different parents do in order to remember their baby and move from one story to another using camera movements and visual links. We decided to focus more on physical memories that the parents can keep. ( like toys, clothes, Ultrasound scans..)

We chose a limited bright color palette, to give a more pleasant and celebrating mood in contrast to the heavy topic. We also went for minimal backgrounds to focus more on the characters’ actions and VO.


We were keen to keep the hand drawn feel to the visual style, hence we went for a mix of digital and frame by frame animation. We animated the characters on after effects using DUIK, and hired a 2D frame by frame animator for the arms movements.