Exquisite Corpse of 7 parts from animators around the world. Each one was given the last 5 sec of the previous animator and 2 months to create their own animation. Blended in one color palette, the idea was to make a visual dialogue on the theme of climate emergency. A way to both be creative and exchange on this important subject of our time.


Animation: Dino & Teacups, Carlos Alegria, Ala Nunu, Martynas Auž, Hend & Lamiaa, Ilona Poliszczuk and Yves Paradis
Sound & Music: John Poon


We got very excited once our good friend Yves Paradis contacted us to be part of this wonderful project, and get the chance to collaborate with such brilliant artists from around the world!

This one was a fun, laid back process. Following the theme of climate emergency and taking inspiration from the last 5 seconds sent to us from Martynas Auz, we started sketching out a few ideas on what this topic represented to us. We came up with a few options and then chose the time bomb as the main idea. We liked that it gave us room to be playful, watching the bomb getting thrown from one environment to another, and it was a good fit for 15 seconds.


We were provided with the colour palette to be used in the brief, which immensely helped in keeping the whole scenes linked together. We kept the designs graphical and compact, with minimal environment in order to lead the eye on flying bomb and provide enough time to read the actions.