Every year, thousands of migratory birds are killed illegally in Egypt which heavily affects the ecosystem and threatens their species. We created an informative video about migratory birds, with Nature Conservation Egypt and Bird Life International, to help raise awareness about the topic and make viewers empathise with the birds.


Client: NCE

Direction, Design & Compositing: Hend & Lamiaa

Animation: Patrycja Szypula

Voice Over: Noor Noor

Sound: Patrick Henchman


NCE works to protect migratory birds from threats they face during their migration journeys. We closely worked with their team to put together most of the information they had in an engaging script. The aim was to entice the viewers’ curiosity to learn more about conservation in Egypt and feel invested in the problem of illegal hunting methods. 


It was essential to provide accurate information, so we thoroughly read resources provided by the NCE team and gathered materials from their research papers. We mainly focused on endangered migratory birds that pass through Egypt as our main characters, and made sure their characteristic features are translated in the designs.


We collaborated with the talented Patrycja Szypula who made all the birds come to life! And then we compositied the scenes in After Effects.