We had the pleasure to work alongside the team at Matter Unlimited to produce a short explainer, promoting a new program launched by Merck for Mothers called “Mom Care”. The initiative ensures the necessary funds reach expectant mothers so they are cared for during and immediately after pregnancy.


Client: MFM

Production: Matter Unlimited

Creative Director: Jared Elms

Design & Animation: Hend & Lamiaa

Sound: Patrick Henchman

Producer: Ilana Rossein

“I had a fantastic experience working with Hend and Lamiaa.  From the start of the collaboration they took the time to make sure they understood the need and goals of the project and worked to find the best artistic vision for each specific piece.  They  stayed in good communication throughout the project, making working across timezones easy.  They were also helpful problem solvers, coming up with animation solutions to various challenges that arose through the project. ” 

Ilana Rossein, Senior Producer at Matter Unlimited, NY

Following the brand’s colours and guidelines, we created a design proposal for the characters and environment. We added details from southern African countries in the tree shapes, patterns on clothes and hair styles. 

The main idea of the brief was to give the feeling that the mother was colouring the world around her, so we planned out in the storyboard how the colours will add up gradually until we reach the most colourful shot at the end of the video. 

From animatic to final animation.