The brief was to choose an excerpt from any interview available online at the BBC Listening Project and create an animation with the sound recording. The challenge is to complement the sound and not overshadow the content of the conversation. We chose “Sea Life” by Lynne and Queenie. Our main idea is to reflect the mystery of the underwater world while they both talk about their different fears of swimming in big seas. You can also watch it on the BBC Website here.


Client: BBC

Direction, Design & Animation: Hend & Lamiaa

VO: Lynne & Queenie

We were immediately drawn to this conversation as we felt that the thoughts and feelings described can easily cross anyone’s mind in open water. We went for a rather minimal style, giving glimpses of what the sea world might hold and leaving space for the viewers’ imagination. We wanted to create a drifting pace and build momentum, revealing more and more of the sea while visualizing both of their perspectives.