We are extremely thrilled to have collaborated with Rumpus in creating a film for SARSAS (Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support) promoting their group work sessions. The film was selected for a Public Choice Award in the 2020 British Animation Awards.


Client: SARSAS

Production: Rumpus

Design & Animation: Hend & Lamiaa

Storyboard: Laura Miranda Moreno

Voice Over: Katy Maw

Creative Producer: Stef Bowskill

In this brief, the aim was to showcase how the sessions are run and encourage women to participate and not feel intimidated. We relied on the use of contrasting colours to differentiate the expectations of what a support session would be like with the actual ones offered by SARSAS. It was also important to translate the room set up through the designs, and make sure the viewers feel that their layout is inclusive, warm and spacious.

Design Proposal

We were provided with the script and initial idea by the super talented team at Rumpus, so we jumped directly to sketching and thumbnailing. We started by experimenting with different forms for the main characters, and a few designs for props in the rooms. 

Below are some sketches for the film sequence and the initial layout for the various activities performed during the group sessions.

Rigging Our Main Character

As always, we rely on the wonderful Duik plugin for our character animation. This time we created a more “advanced” rig, to be able to make the character turn around. We added switches that allowed us to flip sides and used interlinked controllers to automate some follow through animation (like the hair).