We had a lot of fun creating this animated intro for Facebook Creative Shop (CS), in collaboration with Rumpus . The “CS Magpies” is a series of interviews with the global CS team to celebrate their achievements, narrated by “Caitlin Ryan”, VP at Facebook. The magpie was chosen to be the main character, since it is known around Europe for its bold personality and love to collect shiny treasures. Hence, the intro follows a curious magpie while it gathers hidden gems in a fun and playful way.


Client: Facebook Creative Shop

Production: Rumpus

Direction, Design & Animation: Hend & Lamiaa

Sound: James Keeble


We started by sketching possible scenarios where the magpie is collecting shiny gems. We wanted to highlight the main characteristics of the bird through its actions, and play around with fun scenarios that could take place while it is fetching these gems.

Our keywords were: Curious, Snappy, Energetic, Fun, Smart, Determined.

We then filtered down the actions while working on the animatic, to have enough time for each shot.


We gathered images of real life magpies and started sketching possible forms. We simplified the form into a graphical basic shape, which helped us to be playful with its physical actions while collecting the shiny gems.