We are very excited to have been selected to paint the iconic “Gromit”sculpture in its second trail around Bristol,UK. The trail featured over 60 sculptures designed by various artists, and later auctioned for charity. It is organised by the Grand Appeal and Aardman Animations.

Having studied in Bower Ashton campus during that year, we couldn’t help but get inspired everyday by the deer and wonderful greenery that surrounds this area. So we thought of depicting this marvellous scenery through Gromit, and take advantage of his pose to make him look as if he is contemplating the wonderful view. Check out more of the sculpture pictures on Instagram

Coming from Egypt, we thought it would be interesting to use Arabic Calligraphy in the design to include something from our culture and reflect Bristol’s diversity as well. We chose the Arabic letters of the word “ Bristol” to make patterns of the grass and trees surrounding the deer, hence the name “Deerest Gromit”. We went for a color palette of different shades of green and blue for the sky, and used POSCA markers for the patterns and calligraphy designs.